Monday, June 30, 2014

Festival Fierce

In a couple of days I'll be heading off the Big Easy for my 1st ever Essence Music Fest!!

If you're like me, you keep trying to figure out what to wear to stay cool, comfortable and stylish while you're down there. And if you're trying to avoid the baggage fees, you might also be trying to stuff it all in one carry-on. (#horriblepacker, #highlyunlikelythiswillhappen)

I always hear that EMF is super-trendy, and I can imagine that for anyone it might be a more than regular task to figure out outfits to stay on point. Although this festival is super-special , I've been to music festivals before, so I'd like to share my packing process with you:

 1. Go For What You Know...and Like 

If you know that certain pieces aren't for your style and your body type then don't try to follow the Fashion Joneses and debut the new look at an event like this. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable and unhappy about your choices when you could be having the time of your life!

 2. Comfortable Shoes

For some this may be 4" heels, wedge sneakers or your favorite flats. Everytime I visit N.O, I walk ALOT and I'm so sure the this time is no different. I know many will wear heels in the day and change later, do whatever is going to get you through the day without your ankles wanting to give out on you.

Metallic T-Strap Flats, Torrid

3.  Steer towards the "one-stops"

My definition of a "one-stop"? Clothing and/or accessories that can easily transition from the day events to the evening concerts and parties. Pieces like rompers, printed soft pants, and maxi's are popular one-stop pieces for a music festival. I'm guilty of having a whole bag full of accessories for trips, and though I'm getting better at parting it all down but it's still a process.
Fiesta Printed Romper, Fashion to Figure

4. Don't forget the festival basics.
  • Shades: Block the sun & cutie-scope without your 'target' knowing. 
  • Compact Umbrella: For the sudden rain shower. (Your hair will thank you)
  • Scarf of Light Jacket: It's hot outside, but the AC in arena's are turned up. 
  • Tape,Pins: Just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction. (no one wants to get caught 'out there')
  • CrossBody Tote: Lots of vendors & exhibitions, which mean freebies and other random pieces of  anything. A bag big enough to hold a water bottle, lip gloss, your mobile charger and whatever else you need to get through the day. 

5. Add your spin!

Once the basics are covered - add yourself all over and through your outfits. Music Festivals are the perfect type of event to have fun with your clothes and let your style shine through, size has NADA to do with it! #WalkGiveFacePoseTwirlandRepeat!

A Lil' Bougie, Tees in the Trap

Am I missing anything? 

I'll be snapping pictures of Stylish Curvy Girls in N.O, will I see you there? 

~Luvin' My Curves

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  1. This list if perfect ! Especially the tee! I love mine! I've been wearing it non-stop!

  2. Nice tips. I think you got them all perfectly summed up.


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