Monday, May 12, 2014

They Tried It: Mod 7 Instagram Challenge

Working in school and living on a campus you get to build close relationships with students. Those closest to me know of my "habit" so one night during dorm duty it went like this:

Them:   I dare you to wear all of the clothes in your closet next mod. 

Me:   Umm, not possible. 

  Them: Ok well, try. Every day during the mod, and you get one free day. AND you have to take a picture. 

Me: Seriously? Who's the adult? 

Them: You, but... that's not the point. 

Me: Checkmate. Fine. 

I don't what it is, maybe I'm a sucker for the girls I work in the dorm with or maybe deep down I know this is a fun thing to do. Either way I'm in, so for the rest of the module  (4 weeks) I'll attempt to wear and document what I wore to work on Instagram.  Some funky, some formal, all me. :)

~Luvin' My Curves 

                                                                           Let's keep in touch!

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