Thursday, March 20, 2014

I gave it up for Lent

Hey Folks,

                                 I've tried to give it up before and it never worked.

                                                        Perhaps I'm addicted.

     I figured the only way I had a fighting chance to succeed this time was to give it up for Lent.
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Two weeks in, and I'm doing better than I thought but that's 14 days out of 40. I don't know folks!
Deleting the daily sale emails, without even clicking them open is a bit painful; especially the really enticing ones. I'm well aware that I can "shop my own closet" but that's not as fun or comforting as actual shopping.

The 'silver lining'? Being able to sacrifice something that would have actually affect me for 40 days and make me reflect.

Potential Problem? I have a wedding immediately after Lent and I'm not sure if I have something in my closet (sideeye to myself). Would getting something from Gwynnie Bee count as shopping? 

          26 more days of no clothing, accessories, beauty products or shoes....give me strength!

~Luvin' My Curves 

                                                                            Let's keep in touch!


  1. You could shop on Sunday, Lent doesn't count for the Feast Day.

  2. I've done this twice in the past year and it's still a struggle! So I did it for Lent too. Fell off the wagon once but climbed back on and I think I'll make it the rest of the way. You will too! And I'm SURE you have something fab to wear to that wedding, you always look great. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks - I'm going to really take stock of my closet again this weekend. How's your challenge going? We can do this!


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