Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to always look 'On' when the weather is so 'Off'


the situation in my part of town... 

Spring, Summer, Fall... pfft looking 'on' is easy... but then the snow hits ... and for many it's hit again and again. The cute boots that zip over my calves don't cut it in 8 inches of snow and my cute swing coat can't combat the -10 degree weather.

Even when the idea of pulling together a cute outfit doesn't pan out, I still hold on to making sure that I still look put together.  Here's my top 5 ways to look 'on' when the weather is ridiculously 'off""

1. Nails: Keeping your nails painted helps to keep the winter blahs away. Even on the coldest of days manicured hands help you look like you are still on your maintenance game. On the most recent snow day I gave myself a bright pink mani and hoped for warmer days.

2. Brows:  If the only part of your body exposed to the elements is your face then it's a great investment to groom your brows. A little effort on the brows goes a long way for your entire face.

3. About Face: Pay some extra attention to lips and eyes - colors that pop and will be in contrast to the rest of your outerwear attire.  (Even though it's cold out, it's so important to stay hydrated, your skin will thank you!)

4. One piece of Pop: Maybe it's a bright winter coat , a funky hat, or statement scarf & gloves. Give yourself some color and print with at least one winter accessory that temporarily distracts you from the constant mayhem falling from the sky.

5. On Point Hair: While I'm tempted to just keep my hair in a top knot all season, I'm aware that just may not be the best move. Whether you like winter hats or not, keeping your tresses healthy and 'done' will help maintain an 'on' look all season.

I know this weather is rough, and there may be days where all these tips will fall by the wayside. But even keeping one or two in mind can help you beat the "I don't care about ______, it's winter" mindset.

What are the ways you stay 'on' in brutal weather? 

~Luvin' My Curves...30 Days Until Spring. (Hurry Up!) 

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  1. Great tips! Although I live in Florida now I remember what it's like to be in the cold

  2. winter is rough... nice advices - many thanks - i want summer!!:P


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