Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's do this: #PSPFit in Boston


Joining Cycle II of the PSP Fit Program (read about it here)  has really been the reset button I needed.

So it goes without saying that I am so excited and honored to host the Boston Edition of  #PSPFIT "Healthy Curves at Every Size" sponsored by Lane Bryant!! Let's pick out some cute activewear together, talk about our workouts and figure out our curvy & fit goals together.

When: Saturday, January 11th 2-4pm 
Where: Wayside Commons - Burlington, MA

Society has a tendency to assume plus size equals unhealthy, but you can be curvy and healthy at the same time. I love everything about my curves , but I'm determined workout and eat well in order to ward off the ailments that are heightened by my genetics and weight.

I also believe, in looking good while I'm doing it all, and thanks to Lane Bryant that is definitely possible. If you haven't done so already take a look at their line of activewear : comfortable & colorful!

 Come hang out and maybe do a couple of lunges with me :) 

   Don't fret, if you're not in the Boston area this event will be happening in other cities, stay tuned.

Hope to see you on the 11th!

~Luvin' My Curves....Getting to Healthy


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