Monday, July 11, 2011

Spotlight On: Generations Mam' Ruby


photo courtesy of Drum Magazine

When I first saw Slindile Nodangala on the TV screen I was surprised and excited - we discuss so many times that we don't see women of size on our TV screens so I guess seeing a plus size woman with a major role on prime time TV surprised me. It wasn't such a big deal for my South African friends, as it's not as uncommon - though they did mention that some women are cast as older or less successful as their thinner counterparts. Either way I wanted to know more.

Generations is a popular prime time soap here in "Mzansi" - I'm usually not one for soap opera's but somehow I've been glued to this show since I landed. I knew about "Mam' Ruby" before but didn't know much about the actress or her character before. Since I anticipate watching Generation's until I leave, I wanted to introduce you to the unapologetic curvy girl who's been gracing my TV screen. 

photo courtesy of Drum Magazine

Slindile plays Mam' Ruby, a hardworking single mother who runs a township shebeen on the show. She's clever, sassy and holds nothing back when it comes to her business  - her character has had it rough but somehow always makes it through. As usual there are always haters - sometimes her character gets criticized for embracing her figure (Ruby is often seen in fitting, bright clothing) - however Slindele says "Ruby wear what she feels sexy in" - on being a plus size woman in a not so plus size industry " I don't have a problem with my size- I'm a big girl and I'm proud of it."

When major retailers are still hesitant to use plus size models over a size 16 and actresses are more often than not asked to slim down to receive more roles it's not hard to want to see evidence of true and genuine size acceptance in all forms of media. I'm always very interested in how other countries cast plus size women or if they cast them at all - in your travels how have you seen plus size women portrayed on TV and other forms of media?

~Luvin' My Curves


  1. I love that you did a feature on her, I'm from South Africa and I'm so excited to see you feauture someone from my home. Where in South Africa are you? My word! It's a small world.

  2. I'm staying in Cape Town aka my 2nd home :)


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