Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ask LMC: Hung up on a number...


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Dear LMC, 

  I’m a size 22 normally but when I go shopping there are some items that don’t fit right. Someone suggested that I go up a size, but I just can’t do it. I know it could be a number of things-  the cut of the item, the material, anything - but buying a size or two up really bothers me. It's hard to explain but I hope you understand. Any advice? 

Jada (Providence, RI)

Numbers have a funny way of affecting us... 

The short answer ...  It’s a process. Anyone, at any size doesn’t like to have to go up a size when shopping, those numbers on that little tiny tag can have a profound effect on your psyche. The number on the garment is just that.. a number - it doesn’t take into account an individual’s hips, curves and basically what makes your body different from others. However, if something that's your regular size doesn’t fit “right” then you have to weigh the options. Not easy, I know. I'll use myself as an example, I used to passionately hate having to buy clothes a size or two up just for them to fit me correctly – but then in hit me.. there is a huge difference between fit and flatter. Who wants to wear clothes that fit, but is uncomfortable and doesn’t do your body justice? (If you can't sit, eat or breathe that's a sign). If going up a size or two allows for the item to flatter your figure, then that's a go. (Fit vs. Flatter) Next time you go shopping, take a good friend.. find something you like and grab your normal size, the size above and the size above that. Try them all on and take note of which size flatters your features the best; remember that a simple dart (courtesy of a tailor) here and there can work wonders. Remind yourself that you are spending money on not what "fits" but what "flatters" and makes you look your best. A number shouldn't dictate your look... good luck!

Do you deal with the same problem? What exactly bothers you about going up a size? Any more words of advice for Jada?

~Luvin' My Curves


  1. I use to be able to shop in that long since distant department called "misses" and even before that "juniors"...the day I took the plunge and accepted that I really needed to go up to the womens and plus size departments was torture. But ever since then, it's been the norm and I actually like it. I CAN find clothes that flatter me and look SOOOO much better on me that not long after I made that plunge I started getting comments about my "losing weight". In fact, I had gained, but the difference in better fitting clothes flattered my body so much that others thought I had actually lost.

  2. Stop Tripping on their numbers! Here is what I do I am a size 26/28 in tops a size 14 in bottoms Big difference right! I know! So I got a seamstress to take my measurements and so when I shop online and look at the sizing charts I know whether or not I will be able to fit into the size. For instance my bust measurement is a 53 and a half (this is not a your bra size) this number includes the span of your back.. this bust measurement takes me into different sizes depending on where I am buying.. sometimes a 3x is just a size 18/20 and sometimes it is 22/24 know your measurements don't worry about the size
    *steps off soap box*

  3. If I ONLY bought clothes by the number on the tag and not by fit my overflowing closets would be filled with cobwebs. Just this past week I bought a pair of Levis in a size 14 misses and an Eddie Bauer blazer in a size 20. Printed sizes mean NOTHING, even in the same brand they vary widely. Get out of your head and into your body. Grab a ton of stuff off the racks in different sizes then just put them on, the best fit WINS! And don't even look at the tags, even better cut them out when you get home that way "the man" or whomever is making up those numbers is not in control,you are.

  4. The numbers on the inside of garments are not meant for consumers! They are inventory labels so companies can keep up with there products. The first thing to do is remember that if you have 100 designers that have a size 22 then you will have one outfit that fits 100 different ways. If she knows her measurements and puts that with designers that compliment her curves she will be in a much better position and will for sure not worry about the size on the tag.

  5. I just cut the tags out that way when I wear the item again I don't remember what size I brought... It works for me lol!

  6. I just went up a size and I cried. I was teeny tiny until my late 30's and some medicine that makes you gain weight. My husband sees the tags, but is kind of clueless about that. I know it is vain and stupid but I think I would die (ok not really) if he knew how much I weigh. (I weighed 95 lbs when we got married)


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