Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ask LMC: How do I keep my zipper up?

Good Morning!!!

Today's question is something that hit's close to home, well at least close to my zipper.

Gail writes in:

"I can't keep my zipper up!! I buy jeans that fit, but the zipper just refuses to stay up. I'm tired of wearing long shirts and REFUSE to buy larger jeans just for the zipper! Please don't tell me I'm the only one that has issues with keeping her zipper up. Do you have any suggestions?"

Any lady who's had zipper issues before please raise your hand!

My zipper would ALWAYS fall down, which made wearing t-shirts that didn't totally cover my zipper a non- option. I usually found myself constantly looking down, checking myself to see if the reason folks were looking at me was because my fly was open.

I used safety pins, intricate designs using paper clips (don't ask) but to no avail, the zipper still rode down or low enough that I might as well have just walked around with it open. Dancing at parties was abysmal because I was so afraid that I would have an embarrassing moment on the dancefloor. It was a sight to see me dancing with my clutch strategically placed over "there".

I looked all over for a solution because I could not deal!!!!

So finally I got my answer... on an online answer board! Besides some of the "smart guy" answers like "lose weight" I found one that I immediately tried and have been using ever since.

I decided to make a picture tutorial to help you out, enjoy!

1. Rubber Bands.. I like the flat latex hair bands because they are smaller. One elastic lasts a very long time and you could even wash your jeans with these things in them. Eventually the elastic will stretch out but it's ok because there are about 75 bands to a pack!

2. Loop it through the zipper & make a slip knot through the eye of the zipper handle.

3. Pull & zip it up as usual and wrap the other end of the rubber band around the pants button.
4. Then button your jeans & VOILA!

.... let me tell you this is the TRUTH, it works!!
Only when I finally show my mom does she tell me that this is how she got her zipper up in her first weeks of pregnancy. (So my mom basically held out on me all this time (blank stare) I love her anyway!)

Word of caution
... you might forget this small wonder if you really have to "go"... so I suggest giving yourself an extra 15 seconds!

Was this helpful? I hope so!

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