Friday, April 10, 2009

More to Love - Reality Dating Show for REAL women


"Are you confident, curvy & genuinely looking for love?"

If you haven't heard by now Fox has come up with a new reality dating show called "More To Love". According to Mike Darnell, President of Reality Shows for Fox "This is the first dating competition show in television history that reflects what most real single men and women look like, which makes it instantly relatable to the vast majority of people in the dating pool".

To be honest, I've been reluctant to post about this; reality shows are never really reality and in the past plus size contestants on reality shows are never really given that much attention only to be ridiculed for their size later- they get kicked off early or they stay on the show only to get kicked off because of their size- the excuse being she's more like a friend, too fat to be my girlfriend.Maybe I felt like I wanted to protect you all, but I didn't want to not disseminate information that some of you may very well be interested in.

However, the casting directors have been in touch with some bloggers and hopefully others in the plus size community, so perhaps there is a real effort to make this show viable. Either way I'm down to watch it because regardless of size, we all deserve love.This show could be very interesting, I mean it's about time that folks realize that people over a certain size do date, want to date and are looking for love.

I'm skeptical - but will nonetheless cross my fingers .

The remaining casting dates:

April 10 Edison, NJ Menlo Park Mall (2-6 pm)
April 11 Houston, TX The Woodlands (2-6 pm)
April 16 Philadelphia, PA King of Prussia (4-8 pm)

April 18 Dallas, TX Park Lane (2-6 pm)
April 18 Northridge, CA Tampa Plaza (12-6 pm)
April 18 Brooklyn, NY Fulton Street (12-6 pm)
*The age requirements are 23-35*

You can also send in a taped submission, If you're interested in applying go to More To Love

A friend suggested that I try out for the show.... ummm I don't know.

I would really like to know what are you thoughts on this new show?
If any you all try out, let me know!

Have a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend!

~Luvin My Curves


  1. I plan on trying out tomorrow in Houston, don't know what it will bring but I'm glad to see that we're getting some TV face time. I remember watching the Flava of Love and he kept the full-figured girl on for awhile only to kick her off laughing about her size, that pissed me off.

    I hope More to Love wont' be like that.

  2. If I wasn't already married, I'd SOOO go out for the audition! It really sounds like fun! I've always loved the 'find your true love on reality tv' shows. And while I only know of ONE of these couples who've actually worked out, so what! You never know!!!

    Hell yeah! Give it a shot, girl!!! Go out there and find true love on tv. And if you don't, maybe you'll at least meet

  3. I wasn't going to tell you but I think I'm going to see what's up when the casting comes to Brooklyn, next week. Hope the man they choose isn't ugly lol

  4. I'm not down for it to tell you the truth. I have a feeling that a lot of viewers will be hating on the fat.

    That's what I fee anyways and bear in mind, I'm a size 16UK myself.


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