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L.M.C Alert: Interview with Ms. Gwen DeVoe, Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week 2009

Since the site dropped on Monday there has been nothing but excitement and anticipation about Full Figured Fashion Week!!

Always striving to give you the very best, I had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Gwen DeVoe- the executive producer of Full Figured Fashion Week 2009. Of all the hats she wears, model, mogul, manager, mentor I find it inspiring that she's breaking new ground with this event to empower us all. We talked about EVERYTHING; fashion, life, business, and most of all what this monumental event will do for the plus size community as well as the "mainstream".

Read on, be inspired and get ready for June;

Full Figured Fashion Week, how did this come about?

We've been under served by the fashion community not because we lack the talent, but because of a lack of resources in which we have no vehicle to showcase what we have to offer.

My concept with Full Figured Fashion Week is for all of us to come together,to invest your talent and time in Full Figured Fashion Week but at the same time give back to the plus size community as a whole.

As an individual you've made such an impact on this industry already, but what is your ultimate goal with Full Figured Fashion Week?

My ultimate goal is to make Full Figured Fashion Week it's own brand, not just national but international-I am no longer seeking for the Fashion Week to include us. We've asked, cried, bonded, we've supported them but they've never returned the favor of supporting us. Full Figured Fashion Week shows OUR community that we can do it for ourselves unapologetically- we'll just take it by any means necessary.

What message would you give to anyone interested in being a part of Full Figured Fashion Week?

There are different messages for different people;

For someone who is not a model but is coming to be inspired or the plus size consumer:

For so long we have been forced to support those that don't cater to our needs, Full Figured Fashion Week is going to be by & for those that believe that the plus size consumer is a loyal consumer. For so long we've spent our dollars on fashion that didn't fit, wasn't fashionable or affordable- if it was affordable it wasn't the quality for the money we paid.

You say you want clothing to be available, the next step is for you to be loyal to those that are making it happen for you. You say you want fashionable, trendy & affordable- help us by patronizing those that making it happen for you.

For the up & coming designer who may or may not have a plus size line:

Quality vs.Quantity!
Some designers will try to replicate the straight outfits for plus sizes with paying attention to detail or structure. Don't cut corners, invest in the services of a seamstress, invest a couple of dollars to get it "finished". We don't need 30 lycra pieces; experiment with different fabrics, we like linen, we like double knit, we like silks. If you want to do it, do it the right way.

What do you envision for Full Figured Fashion Week? What message would you like to send?

I envision both Thursday and Friday to be time for fashion showcases & networking opportunities, soon the site will have the final details about those days. The final day, Saturday is the Finale Red Carpet Runway Showcase at The Cathedral.

I would like every plus size woman, business with products for the plus size consumer, designer with a plus size collection, boutique, retailer, volunteer whether you're plus size or not to join the movement All we need is the investment of your time & heart to the movement regardless if you have capital to invest.

It's time for all of us to pool our limited resources together; instead of us having pockets of good things here and there but none on the magnitude it could be on. Right now, we're all going through a hard time, let's bond, think forward, think smart and make it happen.
Full Figured Fashion Week is about partnership, not just one individual or one group but community.

Designers say "Nobody knows we're here"; I'm giving you a vehicle to show ; Businesses say "I need more plus size women to know that I have products for them" I'm giving you the vehicle; Volunteers say " I'm plus size, I'm empowered", I got you.

Don't read about it next year, be about it.


I had a ball chatting with Ms. DeVoe;
I was humbled by her graciousness, her honesty, her humor- she's on her game, about her business and determined to get all of us fashion-minded, full and fabulous folks together. Thank you Ms. DeVoe for this wonderful opportunity & thank you for all your efforts in bringing something so great to us!

My message to you all: We've complained and now it's here- make sure you support this endeavor in any way you can. We can try to appeal to the mainstream fashion all we want, but if we're not heard what's the point of continual fighting if we as a community have the ability to join together to do it on our own, it's no longer about approval. I encourage everyone to be here in June or if you can't be here spread the word and make this Full Figured Fashion Week the success that it's destined to be.

F.A.Q's about Full Figured Fashion Week straight from the LMC inbox:

1. Where do I stay?
The Full Figured Fashion Week room block at the Hilton Times Square is closed, however please go to the official travel agent for Full Figured Fashion Week, IPNY Travel. There are also numerous hotels in surrounding area.

2. How do I become a model for Full Figured Fashion Week ?
The form was made available on the Full Figured Fashion Week site yesterday, click here.

3. I'm a designer and I want to show my work.
If you're a designer or a boutique, click here.

What if I just started?
If you're an up and coming designer and not able to be in the main showcase, stay tuned.

4. Is there any room for vendors?
Yes, go here.

5. Are there any events going on during the day?
So far there are none scheduled, but keep reading Luvin' My Curves as I will be keeping you informed with all things "FFF".

6. What is DeVoe Signature Events?
The producers of Full Figured Fashion Week, DeVoe Signature Events is the premier place for the training & development of models in the plus size fashion industry. They conduct workshops such as Runway Bootcamp, Project Curves, & The Plus Academy.

7. Is it open to the public? I don't see any ticket information up yet.
Yes, it will be and the ticket information is coming soon.

8. You live in NY, can I stay with you in June?
Sorry, my house is FULL. ;)

"When the last model comes out, and the light goes up this is just the beginning." - Gwen DeVoe

~Luvin' My Curves


  1. Ohhhhh,that's all I'm going to say :) I booked a room in Brooklyn and I can't wait to meet you!

  2. Great post, seems like you had a good time speaking with Ms.DeVoe.The girls and I are planning to come,thanks for telling us that the room block at the Hilton was closed- we will be looking elsewhere. Like Thandie,I hope there's a chance we get to meet.

    Now the other headache, what to wear???:

  3. Good to know I wasn't the only one asking you questions- great post.

  4. This is sooooooooo informative. You're always two steps ahead girl! I'm very excited. June can't come quick enough!

  5. Gwen DeVoe is an amazing woman and she puts a mark of excellence on everything she does, so this event will be the place to be that weekend. Everyone who goes is going to be empowered and I'm excited for what will happen after the event is over.

  6. fantastic interview!

  7. Great interview! I look forward to attending in June! See u then :-)

  8. This a great post/interview and we can't wait to learn more about the event.

    PLUS we have presented you with an award. Visit our site for the details:

  9. dang u KNOW i was gonna try and crash at your spot! lol :)

    i will say that im eve more inspired to come. i see that NYC has been gettin it on and poppin with the plus size fashion scene and i dont want to miss out on this event. please...PLEASE keep us updated as to whats gonna be going on, and dont let me be whack and flake out either, lol. gotta be there!

    great job on the interview!!!!

  10. First, let me say how grateful DeVoe Signature Events is of the support that we have received from L.M.C. and curvy chicks across the world regarding Full Figured Fashion Week. The event debuted in NYC before an estimated 1,000 people. We knew we had a winner on our hands but we want to acknowledge that we could not have gotten the word out without the support of Fashion Bloggers like Ms. Tucker and others. I may be a bit biased because Ms. Tucker is the founder of the Curvy Collective, a select group of bloggers whose mission was to put FFFWeek on the map. They succeeded and therefore we were very successful.

    Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of the events. We are pleased to inform you that Full Figured Fashion Week will be held again in NYC in 2010 and we will be adding at least 2-3 major cities as well. Keep checking this blog for major FFFWeek announcements in a few weeks.


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