Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Clothing Lines: Faith 21 & Revolution 1228

Good Morning!

I love to hear about new clothing lines coming out; the more options I have, the more excited I get!

So, Forever 21 is gearing up for a plus size line? (L.A Times article, here) It's called Faith 21 and will carry tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and other fashion basics, with prices ranging from $3.80 to $29.80 it's definitely worth a look. I guess trips to the mall might be a little bit more interesting now. When I walk in Forever 21, I tend to just walk around trying to make sense of the mash up as my friends somehow are able to dig through the racks.

This could be exciting, (actually it's about time, but I digress) however I can't help but to be a bit skeptical - my friend shops in Forever 21 and as small as she is , she wears a large! With that said, I would love to see the sizing chart for this new line, otherwise what would a 1X or 2X translate to?

a sampling of Faith 21... (courtesy of L.A Times)

Faith 21 will be available on Forever 21's website and in certain markets, like L.A starting May 1. (For any readers that are in the L.A area- if you have the chance to check it out please let me know what the line is like, I would love to know)

What do you all think about Forever 21's new venture?

Also plus model Mia Tyler is coming out with a new line called Revolution 1228 .
Make sure to check out the site for samples of her line, it still appears to be in the planning stages but gives fans the chance to pitch their ideas for future coupons, autographed photos and maybe even a meet n' greet with Mia. (Hey, if you're a budding designer this could be a good look) I'll also keep a watch for this line, looks funky!

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  1. I was super excited when i heard about this but then my bubble was completely busted when another blog had a break down of forever 21's sizing. Essentially forever 21 is a store based on juniors' clothing sizing....not womens'! so this new line will be plus sized juniors. a women of a size 12 will be lucky if she can squeeze in.

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    I heard that initially, but then got some more info that Faith 21 will be both junior's plus and women's plus. However, my eyebrow is still raised because Forever 21 runs small period. Maybe they'll surprise us? (doubtful) LOL

  3. pretty damn excited about faith 21 I just might be the first person to hit up the website cause torrid is KILLING my pockets

  4. Agghghhhh, I was really excited, because it's really unfair that skinny women get to be fashionable for cheap whereas we have to suffer! On a student budget, I can only afford one thing like every 3 months and by then I need new jeans! Anyway, my bubble is burst because I am in Toronto, Canada and Faith 21 probably won't come here for years--- if it will even fit.

    Sigh sigh sigh sigh.

  5. Im stoked to see what Faith 21 has to offer, though the examples i've seen so far look like Forever 21's cloths but larger. They didn't look too flattering.... I hope they have clothing that looks good on plus sizes, otherwize its sensless. Why have a plus size line if it isn't flattering....

  6. This is NOT the place to shop if you consider yourself plus size. Many stores already carry up to 16, some 18. Forever 21's Faith 21 line only goes up to a 37" waist. Most women who are a women's 14 have larger than a size 37 waist (this is if you compare to Lame Giant sizing).

    I have a 41" waist and wear a 20/22.

    The places I shop for trendy affordable clothes are: (in order by my favorite)

    Curvy Girl and BandLu put measurement charts on their items so you know what u are buying as all 3 companies carry a junior plus cut. Cheaper than other plus size companies and a lot trendier!

  7. I'm a size 22 in pants and a size 2x in dresses or tops. Most of the 2x things fit me including the leggings but the jeans or bottoms aren't big enough. Either way at least i have more options for tops and dresses. I was surprised that that line would fit me at all because of what people said.

  8. I bought something in the Woman's Department at the 2 story store in Riverside. It actually fit as expected, is well made and is stylish. Imagine that!


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