Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Clothing Lines: Faith 21 & Revolution 1228

Good Morning!

I love to hear about new clothing lines coming out; the more options I have, the more excited I get!

So, Forever 21 is gearing up for a plus size line? (L.A Times article, here) It's called Faith 21 and will carry tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and other fashion basics, with prices ranging from $3.80 to $29.80 it's definitely worth a look. I guess trips to the mall might be a little bit more interesting now. When I walk in Forever 21, I tend to just walk around trying to make sense of the mash up as my friends somehow are able to dig through the racks.

This could be exciting, (actually it's about time, but I digress) however I can't help but to be a bit skeptical - my friend shops in Forever 21 and as small as she is , she wears a large! With that said, I would love to see the sizing chart for this new line, otherwise what would a 1X or 2X translate to?

a sampling of Faith 21... (courtesy of L.A Times)

Faith 21 will be available on Forever 21's website and in certain markets, like L.A starting May 1. (For any readers that are in the L.A area- if you have the chance to check it out please let me know what the line is like, I would love to know)

What do you all think about Forever 21's new venture?

Also plus model Mia Tyler is coming out with a new line called Revolution 1228 .
Make sure to check out the site for samples of her line, it still appears to be in the planning stages but gives fans the chance to pitch their ideas for future coupons, autographed photos and maybe even a meet n' greet with Mia. (Hey, if you're a budding designer this could be a good look) I'll also keep a watch for this line, looks funky!

~Luvin' My Curves