Monday, February 2, 2015

If you really love me: What J is Jonesin' For The Valentine's Day Edition

Hey Fam,

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day with your boo,  acknowledging Singles Awareness Day or the making the final brackets for the Cuffing Season playoffs, Valentine's Day is coming. I could do a round-up of dresses, but because so many people celebrate it in different ways I decided to do a small round-up of my favorite picks:

1. The snow out here is no joke - as I type a foot of snow is predicted to fall ON TOP of the 27" of snow we were 'gifted' with last week. Love is a pair of boots than can handle it and not make me feel clunky. Joan of Arctic Premium Boot, Sorel $195

2. A cute and cozy sweater, shows love. The end. Lips Sweater, Lane Bryant $49.95

3. Who doesn't love a sexy red dress? Stay in or got, this dress is hot! Envelope Bodycon Dress, Torrid $64.50

4. Not into pink or red? How about this lippe from MAC's 'Love Purple' collection. Violetta, MAC $16

                                          and if you REALLY, REALLY loved me???

                                                Spread Love Poster,  Paperchat $30                                          

                                            A reminder of home, even if it's words on a wall.

                  Whether it's that "special day" or just another ordinary day, make it great.

~Luvin' My Curves 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Feeling Catty


I decided to get a move on one of my style resolutions and get back to my workwear style. One of my favorite things to do is pair a bright blazer with a funky print, the right combo brings out the best in both pieces. A dark wash denim is a definite work go-to and provides a solid foundation for the rest of my look.

My continual goal is to find the right balance for myself (typical Libra).  What's stylish, yet comfortable?  Professional but not so stuffy.  Not bad for getting 'back on the wagon' huh?  

                 Outfit Details:  Blazer: JCPenney (similar style) , Blouse: Ashley Stewart (similar style) ;                    Jeans: Lane Bryant; Pumps: Bandolino 

~Luvin' My Curves

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Top Style Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year Folks!

Here's to a New Year full of nothing but the best for all of you. I hope that you ushered 2015 surrounded by loved ones and lots of excitement for what's to come (or for some sound asleep!).

I don't have any 'life' resolutions per se, I just want to continue taking better care of myself and travel more. I figured that thinking about what style changes I'd like to make for the year would prove more exciting, so here's my style resolutions for the New Year.

                                                  My Style Resolutions for 2015

1. I will get the hang of my transitioning hair. 
I will get the hang of flat twists, I will embrace the curls, and I will be patient.

2. I will take more risks. 
I'm not quick to take fashion risks. Not every trend is my cup of tea. This year I'm going to take more risks, but also trust my stylish instincts too.

3.  Buy less, curate more. 
If I edited my closet the way I edit my student's papers - I would save myself the numerous chambray shirts and polka dot blouses in my closet. The goal? Go through my closet, and think before I buy.

4. Wear my lippies.
I have lots of lip products; gloss, stains, etc. How often do I wear them? *silence* I own them, I keep buying them so it's time to wear them.

5. Only wear shoes that my feet won't hate in the morning.
I know many people swear by "beauty hurts" when it comes to shoes but I've got to get off that bandwagon. I will find more brands that offer cute, yet wearable styles for my feet - no more tip-toe regrets.

6. Be better about taking care of my sweaters. 
I'm a demon when it comes to my sweaters; I roll the sleeves up and pull the hem down when I'm nervous. This year I will be gentler to my long-sleeved, warmth-inducing friends. Promise.

7. Holla at those prints. 
I love prints, but for the most part I shy away from them for work. #overitfor2015

8. Wear more dresses. 
I love dresses- they are flattering, easy to put on and easy to transition from work to evening. Not really sure why I didn't wear as many dresses as I would have liked to - it will change this year.

9. Rediscover my workwear signature style. 
During the busy and stressful stretches at work,  I do a grab and go in my closet , which ends up being jeans and a sweater. It's never how I imagined by work style would go at this age. This year I'm reintroducing my style; skirts, dresses and blazers galore, even on the crazy days.

 I work the background very well, it's time to wear more of what I love and step out a bit. I need to  stop thinking so much,put it on and own it.

                                       What are your style resolutions for 2015? 

~Luvin' My Curves

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Memoirs of the Mane


This summer I decided to not get my 'back to school' perm and make the attempt to walk away from the creamy crack and transition my hair back to it's natural state. 

Something just clicked. I loved the curls and waves that I sported this summer, but once I knew that I had to go back to work my mind automatically went to "I have to do my hair". For the first time it bothered me that I didn't think my summer hair couldn't continue throughout the year - that straightening my hair would seem more professional. I never thought of these things before, but this summer it hit me - and when I went to the salon my stylist was shocked when I said "no need for the perm, I'm good". 

It's been 4 months and I like feeling the small curls sprouting. I love feeling the new growth, even if it's just a little bit. I'm doing my best to get comfortable with the volume of curls and the crash of waves after a twist out or braid out. Since I was never a product junkie before, I'm a bit freaked out about the amount of products I've been using recently. I feel like a student again because all I do is read articles and look at tutorials to learn different techniques. 

What makes this transition even easier is that I have a job that doesn't have an undercurrent of hair privilege, which makes allows me to just rock my hair without feeling judged. What happens next? Who knows, I'm just in the moment and down for the journey.

~Luvin' My Curves

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